Why GreenworksNews



Why Now
As the planet is reeling under the impact of Climate Change due to mankind’s progress at an exponential speed and one of the factors is the new microbe, Coronavirus ( Covid ) and its mutant, we humans need to take a deep breathe and think, what are these numbers of progress for? What do these rapid changes mean for the planet, humans, and millions of our planet’s cohabitants? If not GDP, what should be the measurement? What technologies are available to resolve all major challenges, if not all? How will the nature of work change, what role will the digital technologies? Will all these changes create new businesses and jobs?
What is Sustainability?

Why Greenworksnews
Greenworksnews as an idea to attempt to clarify and elucidate these myriad and mind-boggling issues, using the potent tool, Simplicity.

Our expert authors from different fields and domains from across the world would simplify the jargon surrounding the economics, technologies, geographies, histories of major aspects of sustainability, namely, Energy, Water, Food, Waste, Packaging, and Climate change, and present to you a clear picture of an issue, challenge and solution, if possible.

We are beginning with a few articles and experts of each domain would add more and more opinions and views.

We do not count any opinion as sacrosanct as One of the hymns of Vedas from India encourages each one of us to question everything in this universe, including The One!
As we go on, your feedback would be essential in refining the articles and clarity. You are welcome to share feedback, perspective, and viewpoints, so please do not hesitate to write to us.

What’s the Purpose

Let there be Light and there was Light! The purpose of the news is to enlighten, share views and encourage the readers to act based on balanced information converted to wisdom. The world belongs to each of us and not to a few individuals and as the Hillel the scholar asked, If Not us who? If not now, when?

Why this date

As the first editor belongs to a part of the planet, named India, he is using artistic freedom to choose a day, when modern India having almost one-seventh of humanity, adopted its Constitution; 26th January. And as India’s Constitution encourages us to be one with Nature, it’s a good day to start with Sustainability Simplified.

Pranay Kumar, 26th January 2022