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hi All,

I started with writing on water. The reason is clear. Energy challenge can be taken care of through renewable form of energy, but Water will be the biggest challenge for the developing world, that means 83% of the present world population and 89% of the world population by 2060

Bringing the perspective from the second biggest developing ( and populous) nation on the Earth, India. We are seeing a dramatic demand and overexploitation of ground water in National Capital Territory of Delhi. On top of that Indians waste a lot of water on rituals and daily needs, rarely caring about the shared resource.

The mindset is that if we have money, we can buy anything. No, Not Water Dear ! Take the example of Gurgaon.It is one of the most sought after township/suburb in India with rates of houses and flats/apartments skyrocketing to stratospheric levels ( mostly by artificially created inflation and demand).

So if money could have bought everything , as presumed, why is there a crisis ? Simple! Natural resources are limited, except for energy. This simple knowledge of thousands of years is being looked upon through myopic vision. Do we really care about our own children ? 

The age old knowledge practised in drier parts of India, like Rajasthan of “bawali” ( deep well ) inside the building structures and micro/nano dams are overlooked, while planning a building/ society or town. Specially in India and other developing countries, where no strict codes exist. Even it exist it is harldy known or followed.

Time has come to put a value on water. Otherwise water will not value us, despite its availibility on 73% of the Earth.

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Expect more on water on this blog

uptil then keep saving and recharging water..summer commeth !!


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