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Pros and Cons of Recycling

Pros and Cons of Recycling

How often do you recycle? Do you remember to do it on the roads and at the office as well as at home? Very less people recycle. Just alone in the US, only 34% of people recycle, and that number doesn’t seem to be increasing. Every country in the world struggles with many problems, even if they are developed countries. One of these problems is pollution, in which recycling plays a vital role. To understand this phenomenon better, let’s take a look at some pros and cons of recycling:


1. It is beneficial to the environmen:

We know this, which makes it the number one pro about recycling. When a person recycles something, the material is diverted from a landfill or incinerators. When the trash is burnt in an incinerator, it releases smoke into the air, causing air pollution. If it is left in landfills to rot, then it releases harmful fumes and makes the air, water and ground toxic. With recycling, the traditional method is debunked, and less land is needed to carry out these poisonous activities.

2. It creates jobs:

When someone recycles, it helps create jobs. In every community, there is a recycling plant that aims to develop new products from recycled products. This eventually also leads to the growth of the economy.  Many lower and middle-class people are not that educated, so they can’t get their hands on corporate jobs. Things like recycling bins can keep their bread and butter running.

3. Awareness about the environment:

Just like many forms of activism, green activism is also very important. People who are persistent in recycling help others be aware of the damage being caused to the earth and what can be done to save it. Leading a life that is more sustainable and comfortable as well as manageable with the benefits to environment encourages others to the same and make the world a better and safer place to live in.

Everything good and beneficial always holds a negative side. Have you ever wondered how something that can be saving the planet, can also harm it? Well, it is true, keep reading to believe it:


1. Recycling uses energy:

We have all heard the saying “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.” Opposing to popular belief, some argue that it is much safer to reduce and re-use rather than to recycle. Which makes sense because the fewer items you use, the less damage you are causing. And if you keep re-using existing elements, it will have the same impact of no harm. This is because, to be able to recycle a product has to be manufactured, which too takes almost the same amount of energy as a newly manufactured product.

2. Recycling can be a cause of pollution:

With all the environmental benefits, many activist argue about not only the energy used by recycling but also the pollution it causes. Just as we mentioned before that that manufacturing new products use energy, they also cause pollution. This happens mostly because of the recycling of electronic products. They are shipped to under-developed countries where the products are sorted out with the hand. During the process, many harmful chemicals leech into water and land, and of course, that causes damage to the environment again.


Many people have the discipline of believing that recycling is good for the environment, while that is true to come extent, we can’t ignore the damage it causes. However, if some correctly, recycling plays an essential role in making the community a better place to live in.