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IRCTC to provide Rail Neer in biodegradable bottle

IRCTC to provide Rail Neer in biodegradable bottle

Lucknow, October 6, 2019 : On the 150th birth anniversary of Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi, the government appealed people not to use single use plastic.

Accordingly, IRCTC, a company providing catering facilities on Indian Railways, has also taken a big step. IRCTC sells water under the ‘Rail Neer’ brand in trains. IRCTC will now do the packaging of Rail Neer with biodegradable materials.

IRCTC has given information by tweeting in this regard. The tweet reads that Rail Neer’s biodegradable packaging has been successfully tested to deal with single-use plastic. Its supply has been started in the Tejas Express on Lucknow-New Delhi-Lucknow route as a pilot project.

Railways earn around Rs 176 crore annually from Rail Neer brand water bottle. Rail Neer accounts for 7.8 percent of the total railway revenue. Rail Neer has 10 plants across the country so far, which have a capacity of 10.9 lakh liters per day. Railway is preparing to set up 6 new plants soon. Apart from this, the company’s board has approved to bring 4 new plants of Rail Neer by 2021.


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