India’s ambitious solar program


hi Friends
Writing after a long time. I have just finished reading India’s national solar mission. Its a very comprehensive and detailed document. The only dampener ,I see right now, is lack of accelerated depreciation program and no capital subsidy for solar energy players in segments other than solar heating.

Here is a link of the pdf file by Greenpeace. Hope the enthusiasts and people having even a passing interest would comment/feedback on it, on my blog. Would actually appreciate the comments.

There is an article in New York Times ( NYTIMES) , link of which is also posted below.

There have been some contrary developments in terms of technologies coming up. There has not been many enthusiastic states, which have come up with their own solar incentives , specially in commercial and residential ( mostly PV based ). But solar thermal ( Concentrated Solar Power or CSP ) is beginning to pick up in states like Gujarat, Rajasthan and even West Bengal.

I will discuss each of the issue and technology in following blogs/articles in coming weeks

Until then,
Surya Namaskar ( Sun Salutations)


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